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We're Matt 'n' Vincey and we get drunk and interview people. Sometimes they get given presents to enhance their experience.

Matt started Slow in 1997 but it didn't make it to the streets until 1998. Jockey Slut gave us fanzine of the month in the summer of 1999, but we have had other claims to fame which escape us at the time of writing.


slow #1
Spring 1998. SOLD OUT
Jim White
Reservoir fax interview
10 Reasons Why Norfolk Is Great, by Ray Speedway and the Devils of Pace
The Paradise Motel

Free: Playing card "52 to collect"


slow #2
Summer 1998. SOLD OUT
Dear Mr Lavelle... our flyer that undermined the mind of cool
Monkey Mafia
Slow River Records profile
New Radiant Storm King
Schneider TM


slow #3
Summer 1999. SOLD OUT
Clifford Gilberto email interview
Neal Casal
Kid Loco

Free: stickers (Ash, JSBX, smiley face),
e.f.f.e.c.t. newsletter


slow #4
Autumn 2000. SOLD OUT
Space Raiders
Freddy Fresh fax interview
Dakota Suite
Pop Tarts
Neal Casal tour diary

Free: Folded anti-style mag, pasta breaker


slow #5
Winter 2001. LIMITED STOCK Email us!
Dope Smugglaz
Kid Koala
Paul Oakenfold

Free: Nearly-News #1, magazine flyers (Borbonesa, Compared to a Pigeon)


slow #6
Spring 2004. AVAILABLE NOW
Freddy Fresh
Gold Chains
Ugly Duckling

Free: stickers

£1 where sold, £1.50 mail order to UK (50p from each copy sold is donated straight to Royal Mail). Send cash or a cheque (to Matthew Ivany) to 53 Livingstone Street, Norwich, NR2 4HE, United Kingdom. We also take Paypal (if you pay the fees).
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